Broomstick Capital is an enlightened London-based private equity that is pioneering and promoting a new breed of asset class known as “spiritual-impact” investment funds.

We invest solely in companies who contribute to elevate society’s consciousness. That means companies that are driven by a higher purpose and a deeper meaning in order to make the world a better place.

Having a higher level of consciousness means taking responsibility for all the consequences of our actions, not just the ones that reflect well on us
Creating value for Customers, Team Members, Investors, Suppliers, our Communities & our Environment

Core Values

  • Humility vs. Ego
  • Dedicated to experience happiness
  • Good public speaking abilities
  • Belief in God
  • Belief in creating magical results
  • Striving for greatness and excellence
  • Boldness & Ability to Think Big
  • Mind connected to the heart
  • Compassion & Gratitude
  • Inspiration vs. Motivation


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The Broomstick Capital team members are pragmatic, down-to earth people who demonstrate a great sense of integrity, passion and love for enhancing people’s lives. They are living examples of Broomstick Capital’s core values.
Sabrina Antou is the founding Partner of Broomstick Capital and of consulting firm Sabrina The Financial Witch. Her mission is to empower businesses who contribute to elevate society’s consciousness. With her team of experienced coaches, financial and business experts, she aspires to help businesses and people around the globe in their journey towards prosperity. Prior to this, Sabrina worked in various large American and European Investment banks, such as JP Morgan, Citigroup and UBS Investment Bank, assessing the financial health of several S&P 500 companies and multinationals before approving or declining millions of dollars of funding for these companies across a range of industries and sectors. She holds a Master In Management, major Finance and before London, lived in Germany and France. She speaks German, French, basic level of Spanish and is currently learning Arabic.

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